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ChineseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist. Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Traduction française de la jonglerie avec un Twis. Une manière alternative de danse et de la jonglerie! avec Glowstick ou feu Twisters pour danser la musique comme art. Danse d'éloge de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personnel tournoyant, photos, Videos, danse liquide de Glowstick
Deutsche Übersetzung des Jonglierens mit einem Twis. Eine alternative Weise des Tanzes und des Jonglierens! mit Glowstick oder Feuer Twisters, zum von von Musik als kunst zu tanzen. Liiquid Rave-Tanz, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Twirling Personal, Fotos, Videos, Glowstick flüssiger Tanz
Traduzione di Italion di manipolazione con un Twis. Un senso alternativo il ballo e manipolare! con Glowstick o fuoco Twisters per ballare musica come arte. Ballo di rave di Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personale che twirling, foto, Videos, ballo liquido di Glowstick
Traducción de Italion de hacer juegos malabares con un Twis. ¡Una manera alternativa de la danza y de hacer juegos malabares! con Glowstick o el fuego Twisters para bailar música como arte. Danza del delirio de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personal que gira, fotos, Videos, danza líquida de Glows
Tradução portuguese de juggling com um Twis. Uma maneira alternativa da dança e de juggling! com Glowstick ou fogo Twisters para dançar a música como uma arte. Dança do rave de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, equipe de funcionários que twirling, fotos, Videos, dança líquida de Glowstick
JapaneseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Korean Translation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Bio Diesel is an eco-friendly fuel, which is claimed, is completely non-toxic
and carbon Neutral. At the moment Bio diesel is not readily available so why
not make your own all you need is vegetable cooking oil and Methanol even though this fuel will run a diesel car  even with clean cooking oil there have been reports saing this kind of fuel can block the jets on the engine  

How to make cheap Bio Diese for Juggling props Go to any place that does a lot of cooking and ask them for some of there old cooking oil you should get this free as most
restaurants, burger bars etc. usually have to pay people to get rid of there old used cooking oil.

Next Sieve the old oil to get out any bits. Then you need to mix 3mls of Methanol to 97mls of cooking oil this is the best ratio for running a car,

After some preliminary tests on wicks you need to mix the Methanol with the
cooking oil at a ratio of around  20% Methanol to 80% cooking oil to get it to

When mixed right, the flame is about the same as Paraffin / Kerosene and
about the same amount of smoke. I did notice that you got the smell of what
the oil had been cooked in, can be extremely sickly when I tried this with
clean cooking oil all I got was the smell of cooking oil. (Yet to try with perfume
mixed with it to see what happens) The flame of this mixture seems to last a
little longer than paraffin / kerosene but when the flame is put out it smokes
longer than paraffin and seems to be more dense also the smell of what it
was cooked in is more proficient in other words it doesn’t half Stink.
Bio Diesel for Fire Breathing

***** Caution *****
Methanol  is toxic. This is definitely
”NOT A GOOD MATERIAL for Fire Breathing”.
”Caution: Poisoning may occur from ingestion, inhalation,
or percutaneous absorption. Acute Effects: Headache, fatigue,
nausea, visual impairment or complete blindness (may
be permanent), acidosis, convulsions, mydriasis, circulatory
collapse, respiratory failure, death.”

The index goes on to list usual fatal doses and other interesting facts about the
material. It is probably true that one would not receive a normally fatal dose
from a single bout of fire breathing with the diluted material; however, not dying
does not mean you will not get sick. The long term effects of low exposure, can
be difficult to predict or evaluate. This is not a recommended experiment for
amateurs .This material may be fine for torches. I doubt very much if it is cheaper
or less trouble than the commonly accepted torch fuels. It should not be used for
fire breathing.

Note that the methanol needed is 100% Methyl Alcohol. Ethyl alcohol (drinking
type alcohol) with a percentage of methyl to make it poisonous. Plus a very nasty
tasting additive.
Fire  breathing

Fire breathing is one of the most dangerous of fire arts to the extent were it can kill
you. Through either ingestion of fuels, which can cause severer health problems
to organ failure. To blow backs. A blow back is when the fuel ignites and the flame
shoots backwards and goes into the mouth. This causes the flame to go past the
mouth and into the lungs which is fatal. To flash backs when the ignited fuel gets
pushed back at you, covering you with ignited fuel through the wind changing
direction. Up to 3rd degree burns all over the body.

To anyone wishing to learn fire breathing. Get taught by a professional fire
breather. Don't try and learn it from a web site this is a highly dangerous art, I
spent years practicing with water before even trying it with fuel.
Pure Paraffin is a distilled paraffin. It has NO ADDITIVES such as chemical colorants,
flavouring, taste reducer or thickener.

It is as pure as possible (unlike barbecue lighting fluid, lamp oil, domestic paraffin,
diesel, petrol etc. or anything else you can buy over or under the counter). It is
supplied for the use on all types of wick and because of it’s purity the flame is slightly
hotter than common paraffin but about the same temperature as barbecue lighting fluid. If you are going to do anything “silly” with fire for your benefit and of others it would be
advisable to use the cleanest and safest thing available. It is understand that one molecule of Benzene inside the body can do a great deal of damage so we should do our best to avoid contact with all adverse chemical, Check out the link page for retailers ( Professional Fire Performers Only )
Pyro fuel 100% pure Paraffin / Kerosene
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