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ChineseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist. Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Traduction française de la jonglerie avec un Twis. Une manière alternative de danse et de la jonglerie! avec Glowstick ou feu Twisters pour danser la musique comme art. Danse d'éloge de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personnel tournoyant, photos, Videos, danse liquide de Glowstick
Deutsche Übersetzung des Jonglierens mit einem Twis. Eine alternative Weise des Tanzes und des Jonglierens! mit Glowstick oder Feuer Twisters, zum von von Musik als kunst zu tanzen. Liiquid Rave-Tanz, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Twirling Personal, Fotos, Videos, Glowstick flüssiger Tanz
Traduzione di Italion di manipolazione con un Twis. Un senso alternativo il ballo e manipolare! con Glowstick o fuoco Twisters per ballare musica come arte. Ballo di rave di Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personale che twirling, foto, Videos, ballo liquido di Glowstick
Traducción de Italion de hacer juegos malabares con un Twis. ¡Una manera alternativa de la danza y de hacer juegos malabares! con Glowstick o el fuego Twisters para bailar música como arte. Danza del delirio de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personal que gira, fotos, Videos, danza líquida de Glows
Tradução portuguese de juggling com um Twis. Uma maneira alternativa da dança e de juggling! com Glowstick ou fogo Twisters para dançar a música como uma arte. Dança do rave de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, equipe de funcionários que twirling, fotos, Videos, dança líquida de Glowstick
JapaneseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Korean Translation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Before you make a set of Fire Twisters you should read the information in Fire Spining and
Twirling Dangers. Juggling these can be extremely dangerous and should only be used after
many, many months of practice, (I spent ten years training) then you should only light one of
them at a time to get use to the heat generated and with being so close to the body the Flames.

To make a set of these you need two pieces of chrome plated tubing most D.I.Y.., Hardware
shops 3/4” inch x 13” inch, some high tensile nylon cord I find the cord from marine shops the
best. Tape, I find electrical tape the best, The first thing that needs to be done is to make two
12 mm holes in one end 5. cm from the end of the tubing then four 12 mm hole in the other
end 3. cm from the end, in a vice if possible. if not use a hand operated drill mark were the
drill needs to go then use a hammer and nail to make an indentation in the tubing stops the
drill bit slipping. All the edges need to be filed and smoothed round with emery paper.

This is a very basic design which is not flawless.

Hacksaw or pipe cutter: Vice: (if possible) Drill: hand\power 12 mm drill bit: two flathead
screwdrivers: one Philip screwdriver depending on bolts. Bradle: Click here for photo of

2 pieces 19 mm Tubing: Nylon string: Tape: Wick: 2 zinc metric pan head Nuts and Bolts M6
X 20 MM:

You need to insert one end of the cord into the end with the two holes, then thread it through
a 12 mm hole around the tube and through the other 12 mm hole and back out of the end
repeat this process on the other tube. Next you need to adjust the length of string which is
connecting the two tubes it needs to measure around 10.5 cm-14.0 cm then tie the ends of
the string in a reef knot then tie the ends with cotton thread and wrap a small amount of tape
on the ends to make secure. [these should be checked periodically] then wrap tape around
the tube from the connected end to no more than a third of the way down wrap around the
tube at least three times.

This serves a few purposes i.e.. stops hands getting burned (quite important) helps with grip
also when you feel the glue of the tape you know they need cooling down. Make sure you
wrap plenty of tape around the ends were the cord connects the tubing, as this is a bad safety
problem unless you have the tools to turn the edges over even then you still need tape as
backup. This keeps the cord in place and if it the cord snaps you still have the backup cord
which will last long enough for you to stop. When wrapping tape overlap the edge and cord,
then cut the ends of the tape i.e..: north, south, east, west, then fold the tape inwards. Repeat
this twice. That is the complicated end. Now for the other end.

you need a good Quality Wick 2 x M6 x 20 mm bolts. wrap the wick around the tubing no
more than twice to start of with then check inside for the nearest drill hole then with the
Bradle or screwdriver puncture a hole through then feed the bolt through and fix the nut. This
can be fiddley rest the nut on the bolt and use the screwdriver to turn the nut, when you
tighten the nut try using two screwdrivers one to tighten the bolt the other to stop the nut
turning (yes try a ring spanner and see what happens) other wise there you have a set When
you start using Twisters check the cord, check the cord, check the cord check the “okay” get
the idea, this is one of the most fragile parts and you should take great care not just for your
safety but for the people who watch. When using these remember do not use them as
Nunchaku use them like someone twirling poi. Check out Fire twister videos for some free
downloads of some close ups showing how they are manipulated around the hand and wrist.

Check out the photos of the tools you need also photos taking you through the stages of
making a set.

Before you use fire twisters with new wicks you should put them in a large metal bucket with
a large base. And put just enough fuel in to cover the wicks and let them soak for 24 hours.
This helps tighten the wick and makes them last longer. What you need and should do before
setting them alight. Fire blanket, first-aid box with burn bags, two metal buckets 1 large 1
small, two bottles of water, towel. put the twisters into the large bucket then put in a small
amount of fuel in, just enough to cover about half way up the wick leave for a minimum 2
minutes shake off any excess fuel into the bucket then put them in the small bucket for a
minimum of 5 minutes, (dampen the towel with water), shake of any more fuel they are then
ready to set on fire. do not light or take fire twisters near fuels. these will only stay alight for
about 1 minute the first time after that they will stay alight for up to five minutes the faster the
moves the shorter the time. Put the them out before they burn out this will help the wick last
longer. If you cannot blow them out wrap the damp towel around them this will put them out
make sure they are out and not smoldering never put smoldering or any twisters that are still
on fire back into the fuel bucket, when you dip the fuel helps cool down the twisters after a
few times the fuel starts to warm up which makes it very combustible which is very easy to
ignite. Never leave fuel lying around in unopened containers. put some sand down were you
have the buckets this will help absorb the fuel that splatters when shaking of the excess fuel.
Fire Twisters
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