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ChineseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist. Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Traduction française de la jonglerie avec un Twis. Une manière alternative de danse et de la jonglerie! avec Glowstick ou feu Twisters pour danser la musique comme art. Danse d'éloge de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personnel tournoyant, photos, Videos, danse liquide de Glowstick
Deutsche Übersetzung des Jonglierens mit einem Twis. Eine alternative Weise des Tanzes und des Jonglierens! mit Glowstick oder Feuer Twisters, zum von von Musik als kunst zu tanzen. Liiquid Rave-Tanz, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Twirling Personal, Fotos, Videos, Glowstick flüssiger Tanz
Traduzione di Italion di manipolazione con un Twis. Un senso alternativo il ballo e manipolare! con Glowstick o fuoco Twisters per ballare musica come arte. Ballo di rave di Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personale che twirling, foto, Videos, ballo liquido di Glowstick
Traducción de Italion de hacer juegos malabares con un Twis. ¡Una manera alternativa de la danza y de hacer juegos malabares! con Glowstick o el fuego Twisters para bailar música como arte. Danza del delirio de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, personal que gira, fotos, Videos, danza líquida de Glows
Tradução portuguese de juggling com um Twis. Uma maneira alternativa da dança e de juggling! com Glowstick ou fogo Twisters para dançar a música como uma arte. Dança do rave de Liiquid, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, equipe de funcionários que twirling, fotos, Videos, dança líquida de Glowstick
JapaneseTranslation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Korean Translation of Juggling with a Twist Alternative way of Dance and Juggling ! with Glowstick or Fire Twisters to Dance Music as an Art.  Liiquid Rave Dance, Nunchaku, Poi Spining, Staff Twirling, Photos, Videos,Glowstick Liquid dance
Glowstick Twister  Nunchaku for Beginners
Geoff aka Fred web he has been getting taught over the past eight months with Glowstick twisters initially, then Nunchaku I say Nunchaku in a loose term as these were only used for the weight here he will give you his thoughts about his learning curve with Glowstick Twisters and Nunchaku from first seeing a set of Twisters  to what he can do to the present day
The very first time I saw Glowstick Twisters in action I was totally mesmerised and lost for words, it was on a summers night back in 2004 when a new friend of mine (Ian) suddenly pulled a pair from his inside pocket, illuminated the Glowstick, and began twisting and twirling, throwing, catching and scores of other tricks, and me knowing immediately he was not going to drop them or hit us (I wanted a turn). I had seen Nunchaku in action before but it never really caught my imagination like this did. After a ten minute show he offered them to me with a smile on his face and said,  would you like a go. I accepted the offer, and right there the lessons began, step by step, which is what I am going to try to do with you. Step one; basic circles,  step two; figure of eight,  step three; over the shoulder,  step four; behind the back, Step five; round the hand, step six; round the hand backwards, step seven; under the arm, step eight; under your leg, step nine; around the body, step ten; around the neck. Please read on to find more in depth instructions on each move. Once I felt like I was starting to get the hang of these moves, I started to incorporate one move with an other. which by the way takes weeks and weeks with a little practice each day or when you can, and if you have children teach them to, you will find you get a lot more practice time and Glowstick's are not harmful like Nunchaku but lots of fun. Even when the illumination of the Glowstick runs out, keep it in its handles as it keeps the Wright weight  to practice with at any time. I don’t want to sound like an old martial art expert  blabbering on with mindless information, so here's three key words to remember when practicing; FOCUS, CONCENTRATE, RELAX and hopefully after some months of practice and a few more moves you will be up to a stage where you can begin to really impress people. After eight months of practicing with Glowstick or Nunchaku I can now begin to feel a free flowing movement, this feeling is when there is no   hitches or glitches in your performance, (this feeling is achieved by keeping the Glowstick or Nunchaku moving at one speed; ie, try not to go to fast or to slow, one speed is the key), To fast, and you will get confused, to slow is slightly more difficult. And remember to make mistakes is not a bad thing, (everybody makes mistakes) and all mistakes can be made into a new move by a quick correction, and continue what you where doing, (as you will see in the video) and remember the empty hand has got to be as quick as the object hand; BE READY TO CATCH.    
The Nunchaku in this film where both home made and anybody with minor D.I.Y. skills would be able to make them, but be careful with Nunchaku they can be dangerous in the wrong hands “ You could do a lot of Damage to yourself “. Click here to see demonstration photos of Glowstick  twisters being made, or check out e-bay  for two sets of Glowstick twisters with  video DVD of the administrator of this web site and my second mentor ( David ), either way you will have lots of fun with this great practice toy and lots of fun in the dark with dance music; ENJOY YOURSELF AND DON’T GET TO ADDICTED LIKE I HAVE.
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Always hold the handle about one inch from
the cord end And if your hand tends to slip
down the handle, begin to Work Your fingers
back up the handle to the correct position
Try to keep this in mind at all times because
all basic moves Are Achieved easiest in this
position and are the foundations of
Becoming proficient with Glowstick Twister.
Ian Teaching Geoff some basic Nunchaku moves. You will need to click anywhere on the Nunchaku video to activate the controls then press the play button to start buffering the free Nunchaku video for it to play. 4+ minute video